Welcome to the 81st Annual Hoinke Classic presented by Hammer Bowling and sponsored by The Boston Beer Company and Pepsi Beverages

The 2023 Hoinke Classic has concluded and we are still in the process of verifying averages and making sure all paperwork is complete. We had a very successful this year with entries being up over 10% in each event.

Check out the Standings page for the unofficial list of the top 50 scores. We do pay 1 out of 6 entries in the general handicap categories, so it will take time to apply the prize money and print the checks. Please have patience as we complete this process. The official list will come out when the checks are printed. This should be done before the end of the year.

If you need to send us a message, or update your address, please contact us at hoinkebowl@strikeandspare.net

We thank you for your support of the tournament.